Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How would you call on behalf of my company?

Elikhaya is a multi-Bilingual business with in-depth knowledge of various
industries through experience. We would conduct a survey understanding of your business, do a training procedure internally or externally if need be and role play to your satisfaction.

What resources does Elikhaya services use internally?

We utilize in house management software & also able to integrate your system process’s at our Elikhaya House.



How many years’ Experience does Elikhaya have in Cold Calling & Customer Service?

Elikhaya Services has had 13 years’ experience within the Cold calling, Sales & Customer services between Management.



Which Industries do you offer services to?

  • Security
  • Engineering, Transport
  • IT & Communications
  • Relocation Solutions
  • Financial Industry
  • Media & Marketing
  • Hr & Industrial Related Solutions and more Call – For further assistance

Does Elikhaya provide Reports?

Yes, the reports are not just for sales, activities but also offer insightful business intelligence. 

The monthly reports will include:

  • Appointments Set
  • Selected call recordings
  • calls made & what was discussed
  • Objections received
  • Received Daily, Mid-month & Month end Reports (Including the datasheet that gets worked on throughout a campaign.)
  • Percentage sheet on month end reports (Percentage of contacts not interested -Percentage of leads called, not interested, contact in future, hot leads, booked appointments, number of e-mails sent– Percentage of leads using a competitive product, etc.)

What are the benefits of using Elikhaya services?

  • Elikhaya creates a more reliable source of data rather than buying the data.
  • Removes the need for large periods of cold calling for sales teams.
  • We provide a stream of appointments based on customers who are looking for precisely what you offer.
  • Reduce training costs as there’s a different skill involved and distinct manner required.

What are your different pricing packages?

Our services are based on hourly packages that are spread over a month, to find out more please contact our offices.

Do you do B2C or B2B?

We purely do B2B.


How can I get a quote?

Please contact us on for further assistance


What is your guarantee per Lead/appointment?

This will differ according to the campaign we would run for you. We unfortunately don’t have any guarantee’s for leads or appointments, however, depending on your product or service we strive to get at least 20 qualified appointments per 60 hours, 40 appointments per 120 hours, 60 appointments per 240 hours, If we call 1000 people and don’t get an appointment, we will record every reason why not and feed back to you. 
Added to this, you will get detailed feedback that you can use as business intelligence and strategy at a further stage.